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MM: Kuroi Hitori - App Render and History by VhazzRhossze MM: Kuroi Hitori - App Render and History by VhazzRhossze
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render of Hitori
.:M.M.-ApP_kUrOi_HiToRi:. by VhazzRhossze


Full history
Hitori was born to a well to do family. His father and mother both worked in and owned a well known electronics company. Despite living a privileged life, he never felt truly fulfilled. His parents believed that power and reputation were everything, and thus, they wanted their son to be powerful and well known as well. Perhaps it was their way of showing that they cared, but Hitori could not agree with that way of thinking. Tossing aside everything and everyone in order to reach the top was not something he could agree with. Never wanting to do things like his parents had, Hitori refused to play that kind of manipulative game. He went through school doing as he wanted and as he thought was best. In the end, this behavior earned him a reputation as a well known delinquent. 

Despite his obvious and continual act of rebellion against their ways, his parents never seemed to grow angry with him, or even pay much mind to the rumors and reputation their son was garnering. Because as it turned out, even though Hitori refused to be like them, his actions wound up playing himself firmly into their ideals after all. He was strong, unopposed, and at the top. Realizing this was a shocking revelation. He'd played right into his parent's hands all along. Unable to bear being ensnared by his parents and their lofty ideals, Hitori chose to move away and out of their sphere of influence. A decision that went oddly uncontested by his parents.

And thus, he moved to Kirimori City, choosing to take the year off from school to work and live on his own. He refused to contact his parents, choosing to live his life free of their money and influence. He wanted to live a life without corruption and the sacrifice of other people. Despite that, he refused to get close to other people, not wanting to start up the same kind of trouble that he had moved away from. Eventually, Hitori met a certain girl late at night in his work place. At first, he didn't pay much attention to her, focusing only on his peaceful life. But as time passed, they had more and more contact. Some deliberate, and some through sheer chance. 

They wound up coming to know each other and grew closer, eventually forming a romantic relationship. Feeling happier now than he had been a year ago, Hitori was beginning to forget about his parents and the life he'd left behind. However, one day, out of the blue he got a call from his parents, his father in particular. He told him to cut all ties with the girl he was dating. That she was no good for him, and that he was bound for greater things. This enraged Hitori and he completely refused, as well as changed his number and email. But the greater implications is what set his blood to boiling; his parents knew what he was doing. They had eyes on him despite being in another city across the country.

Wanting to rid himself of their influence, Hitori called his girlfriend, explaining the situation in the hopes that she would be careful and protect herself. Instead, he got her mother. She was oddly about to call him instead. She explained that her daughter had gone missing. His made Hitori's blood run cold. The police were immediately called and large scale investigation was launched. But after a month of searching, no leads were found. All that time, Hitori himself had tirelessly searched for her, compromising his well-being in the process, but nothing could be turned up. Some days later, he got a text. It was a photo of his girlfriend's dead body. Recognizing the place in the photo, he called the police and rushed over himself. It was too late in the end however. The body had rotted too much of anything to be gleaned, and whoever had done it made sure to leave no incriminating evidence. 

In shock and at a loss for what to do, that was when he got another message, this time from his parents. It only said one thing; 'We warned you.". It was at that point that he knew. His parents, those people who could bowl over anyone to make their way to the top, had done this. Maybe not directly, but in some way or form, they were responsible. From that point on, he swore that some day, he would make them pay for what they did to her, and to him. Their twisted ideals had ruined his life and killed the one he loved. 

Choosing to bide his time, Hitori had enrolled into Higashimori High, deciding to finish his schooling and gather himself before facing the life and the parents that awaited him.
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